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Booze Cruise NYC

Booking a booze cruise NYC is an excellent way to wow yourself and everyone you invited to be with you because of the fun and unforgettable event that you’re hosting for them. It’s an experience no one can forget as they get to see how magnificent the New York Harbor is while also enjoying unlimited drinks, and a lot of dancing and music.

By deciding to book a booze cruise package in NYC, you’ll have a perfect venue to make your event unique. It’s an ideal option for events, like corporate entertainment, reunion, birthday party, employee appreciation cruise, and any other type of social gathering.
So what makes booking a booze cruise package beneficial? Here are some reasons:

Gives you an Idea of your Bill in Advance

You know what’s usually painful about holding your event, which involves a lot of drinking on a cruise, without paying for a package first? It’s the need to pay hundreds of dollars for drinks even before you start cruising. That’s not the case if you avail of a real booze cruise package in advance.

Booze Cruise NYC

Once you have booked and paid for it, then you are free to order your drinks at the majority of restaurants and bars without worrying about the final total bill. You have also settled it so there’s no bill to think about once you are on board, giving you a once in a lifetime and fun experience without any worries.

Covers All Drinks

With an extensive booze cruise package, all types of drinks, not just liquors, are covered. This means that it can also cover bottled water, specialty coffee drinks, and sodas. That will give you less things to worry about as almost all drinks, including tap water, basic tea, and coffee actually carry a charge once you get onboard.

Even non-alcoholic beverages are covered in the package, so there is no need to think about paying for lofty charges. With this, you and your guests can conveniently grab a drink anytime they want.

Enjoy the Water in Style

You and your guests will definitely enjoy the water in style as you get to acquaint with the maritime side of New York City with cocktails in your hands. While booze cruising often makes anyone think about getting trapped in a boat with watery well drinks and flat beer, you also have other options to offer your guests that will give them a tipsy yet enjoyable sailing experience that perfectly fits the gorgeous scenery of New York.

Why Choose Us?

Planning for a booze cruise in New York City? Then consider checking out our packages. We have tailored our packages in such a way that they meet the usual demands of our clients. Customization is also our specialty. We can specialize the package to make your event uniquely your own.